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    13th Quality Supplier
    Hesheng Mould Co.,LTD
    Hesheng Mould Co.,LTD
    Main Products :injection mould,die casting,metal stamping

    Audit Reports

    Audit Reports provide buyers with critical facts regarding the Audited Suppliers' business licenses, certifications, production and quality control systems. Produced by IMOULD.

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    Company: Hesheng Mould Co.,LTD
    IMS Serial No.: ZIP-ISM0910110
    Report Type: Video | Equipmet | Export
    Validity Period of Report: June 2009 - June 2010 ( Valid )
    Report Status: Full Report is Available
    Persons responsible: Tiger
    US$ 50 for the report of this Audited Supplier.

    This report is made by a third party by live radio.
    A full report contains live radio and machinery list
    Your use of the Audit Reports service is subject to, and constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of Terms of Use.
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